Feeling Stressed? Take a Visit to The Shooting Range!

Stress is something that we have to deal with daily in our lives. It’s a part of us, we carry our worries, work related problems and so on everywhere we go and it’s affecting us in more ways that we can imagine. Our health takes most of the hits that stress deals, more than 20 million people die each year from heart related problems, most of which are stress induced, that is why it is impervious for each and everyone of us to start controlling stress as best as we can. Why do I say control your stress and not battle it? Because stress is part of us, it is a basic function of our bodies that launches the famous fight or flight reflex, our main system of defense. We cannot eliminate stress compeltely from our lives, but we can learn to control it. Of course, the means of calming a busy mind have existed from times way before we even learnt about stress. Yoga, meditation and several other activities have been employed by men and women that wanted to take life easier, that wanted to do something to help them forget for a few moments about their daily problems and just take it easy. But what if you’re not into yoga and you just can’t calm your mind to meditate? What can you do to relieve your stress? Well, you’ll be happy to find out that visiting the shooting range has been proved to be one of the best ways to control stress. And the way in which it works will absolutely blow your mind. 

Even if you are a little kid, you know what a gun is and what it does. You know that one simple mistake can cause the weapon to discharge and the bullet to hit something that you would not want it to hit. Studies have shown that from the first moment a person puts his or hers hand on a gun, their mind begins to focus only on the task straight at hand. You undestand instantly that if you are not paying attention to each and every single one of your actions, you may just make a mistake that could cost you a lot. You begin to forget about your worries, focus on the target, clear your mind of any mean thought, close one of your eyes and begin to pull the trigger slowly, but with confidence. Once the bullet flies out of the chamber at supersonic speeds with a bang that is enough to make your whole body tremble, you realise that your mind is now free. If you are on a holiday in Bucharest and want to relieve your stress by visiting a great shooting range, you just need to come and fire a few shots at Bucharest Shooting Club, the best and only place where you can fire a great plethora of weapons and be free of any thoughts that could ruin your vacation on one of the greatest cities in Europe!


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