Lessons Learned

Many lessons was learned here: #1. This is a great example of why I stay in contact with puppy adopters. Make sure that things are going ok, try to help them through issues and think of it this way... lets pretend I do not keep in touch Dog #3 could have been taken to another shelter, could have been re homed by the current owners or they could have called me to return her and since I don't know her history because I didn't keep in touch I would have taken her back and placed her. And what could that have lead to? Simple a child being hurt, Dog #3 being abused, Dog #3 being put to sleep at the hands of a stranger or even being killed by another dog that she started a fight with that well was bigger then her or more mean! None of those sound good to me. so for those who say "I should not keep in contact" or refuse to sign the contract b/c I do keep in contact. What do you think now? #2. Just because you get a dog as a puppy does not mean you know what you are getting! #3. Sometimes doing the right thing for your family and aggressive dog is hard but at least they aren't dumped at a shelter wondering how did I get her or being abused or suffering in mental pain any longer.