I am Ridiculous

I just have to point out that I am ridiculous. I sent out the annual Puppy Party invitation... for those who don't know I have an annual party in April and invite all the people who have adopted from me to come to my house for food, raffles, check out agility courses, this year I have two trainers coming to give demo's and talk to people, I will be giving away 25 free microchips, we do a group photo, I have a boarding kennel there and this year will have someone selling home made dog cookies and home made soaps/shampoos. It is a lot of fun. Anyway, so I am getting responses back from people yes, maybe and no. I am like a kid at Christmas, I can't wait to open the email and get so excited at the yes responses and get so sad at the no responses. That is why I am ridiculous. My mind starts to wonder "why can't they come?", "Hope the dog is ok", "Hope they aren't upset with me"... stupid! I know some of the people can't come b/c it is a far drive... I have adopters everywhere but I always invite them on the off chance they are going to be in the area or something. I don't want to leave anyone out. Anyway, just thought I would share how ridiculous I am, lol!