Django Unchained

Django Unchained is the hot sci-fi action prequel from writer / director / businessman Quentin Tarantino. Christopher Waltz and Jamie Foxx star as a pair of sassy (Foxx) and grumpy (Waltz) time-travelin' bounty hunters who are sent back to old cowboy times, king times, and even the future to kill bad guys who are messing around with history. "Looks like IceMaster got here first, Django". The full title with tagline is Time Crisis II: Django Unchained. "Looks like the Time Crew just saved history again! Also sometimes you have to choose a choice in the past to save the future while destroying the present". It's great to have the Time Crew back. Several years have passed, but the comedy team of Foxx and Waltz are just as great as they were in 1999, and now they travel with a robot who supplies the film with all the complicated exposition so that Foxx (as Django) can shout all the good lines, like: "Hey, king Tut. Your shoelace is untied." Tut goes "huh?" and Django shoots him with shrink laser and puts him in jar labeled fake king Tut. Then Django goes "Damn, this is a Django kinda day". Waltz, as the gruff and serious Dr. Schultz, still has not totally warmed to Django's rule-breaking ways. As you will recall, Time Crisis I ended with Django's face on Mt. Rushmore, the Time Crew Chief screaming "Django! Get your ass in here!" and Schultz going "Oh boy, this is going to cost me my vacation," as well as the TC1 rap.

However, in TC2: DU, Schultz has another thorn in his side in the form of a robot, Hero, Jr. who is a real stickler for procedure, always quoting the rule book. In fact, Hero, Jr. is such an excruciating know-it-all that he makes Schultz seem more like Django. "Now you know what I been dealin' wiff," Django says, in one of the film's many summer blockbusting laughs. Strange to think that we all started off hating Schultz in TC1, and now he's cool. I really like the big action scene at the end where the Time Crew has to get the blue glowing thing and they wind up on that huge skyscraper fighting millions of little helicopter robots. Oh man. And how the chief anger-puked into a trash can when he saw Django breakin' all the rules, and then the movie ends with the white house morphing into a garishly painted bling castle, and the chief goes "Django! Get your ass in here!". If you are a fan of llame summer action comedies with a Burger King cup and a rap song at the end, you will love Time Crisis II: Django Unchained. Starring Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz, Rip Torn, A Girl, Liam Neeson, and Sir Robin Williams as the voice of Hero, Jr. Rated PG for sci-fi action and tender, mild language.