Tuesday's Start

It was one of those nights. I feel asleep on the couch watching a DVD and woke to the silence of a black empty screen. I remember, vaguely, making my way to the bedroom hoping  to miss stubbing my toe on a yet unpacked box. I must have made it. I woke this morning to the sun fighting the clouds for space in the sky in a bed barely rumpled. The day is looking good. When I dozed off the temperature was mid 70s. This morning it's struggling to get to 60. A bit of a chill with all the windows up and a swift breeze flowing. As the coffee brews and I move to close the windows the sun loses its battle. Proving again, no matter how big or how hot we are, we all have times of weakness. It's raining now. One of the soft, straight down late spring showers that is lovely as long as you're not in them getting drenched. Since I'm not Fred Astaire and singing in the rain would only be a way to be arrested my plan to explore the downtown art district will have to change. Luckily I still have boxes to unpack. There seems no end to my indoor fun!