I Can Has Collage?

I've just spent some time making a collage of the Supernatural Convention for my computer desktop. I used the photo ops, my autographs, the ticket, photos I took in the auditorium, as well as a couple of other people's photos, which were close-ups, unlike mine. I love how it turned out, so I can kind of relive the memories in one go every time I look at my desktop! (Okay, so now I'll get even less work done, but whatever). Cartoon Productions have also just released their DVD of the entire convention, and so I bought it yesterday. I'm so excited! Hope it comes soon. And here's also hoping that I'm not on it anywhere! (That would be embarrassing! Even so, I think I'd be easy to pick out from the blindingly bright red scarf). Meanwhile, I went to the doctor about my wrist and she thinks I have Tendinitis, so it is in a brace right now, which does actually help, probably because I'm not moving it so much. She also prescribed me some Celebrex, which is an anti-inflammatory. 
It's improved a little, so that's good news, but makes things a little hard sometimes, like typing or driving... but, while it's a bit like a cast, at least I can take it off whenever I need to, which is a godsend. I have finished the fan fiction story I'm writing. Now I just have to edit and rework it slightly, and it will be done. I'm quite happy with it. I'll post the link here when I finally get it published up on fanfiction.net. Have had a fair bit of anxiety lately, and, strangely, insomnia, which is unlike me. Been having nightmares too. More plane crashes... I have always had recurring dreams all my life (everyone does, right?), well, recurring nightmares, I guess you'd call them. The 2 themes that show up most are plane crashes and injured animals. At other times, I have recurring dreams of different things, that last a month or two, then go away. I guess it depends where I am in life at the time. All the usual. Okay, I'm heading to the lounge to watch some Supernatural now. Take care everyone?