H&M Light Purple

I sincerely hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. I spent the day indulging myself with tea, pain au chocolat and painting my nails in a proper Valentine fashion. This time my choice ended up being H&M's Light Purple, one of their smaller nail polishes. And since it was Valentine's Day I added a cute little accent heart! I must say I would rather have called this colour pink, instead of Light Purple. It doesn't really have that much purple in it, perhaps in a certain light. It is pretty nonetheless! I haven't been wearing that much pink lately, so it was nice for a change. When it comes to the application, I had no problem whatsoever. H&M usually makes wonderful nail polish and it goes on extremely well. However, with these smaller bottles there is one not so very good thing about them....they chip easily. After just one day I had one chip, so the quality isn't the best on these smaller bottles compared to the regular sized ones. Next up will be a more elaborative manicure that I did before wearing this one. I've got a busy life at the moment, so it takes a while before I get into a good pattern of blogging again. But have no fear :)