Obsessively Obsessed with Purple

It's been a while! I realize I've showed nothing of my recent purple make up obsession. True, I've been in a total purple folly lately. Eye speaking, I mean. I'm in the quest of finding the most perfect matte purple eyeshadow. Pigmented, smooth, not too red, not too blue. And it's less easy than it seems. Awaiting the Graal to hit me, I've been toying with all my purple toned eyeshadows for a long while now and I've almost only worn purple looks since Fall, declined in all kind of ways. Without even getting bored. I wonder why I thought before (I mean, years ago) that purple would never fit me. I can't think of a color getting along better with my eye color than purple. In fact, it's simple I find purple beautiful on every skin tone and with every eye color. Purple is beautiful. Lately I've acquired 2 great eyeshadows: Shiro Cosmetics "Rattata" (a deep matte purple) and Heavenly Natural Beauty "Captured" (a matte purple with a green shimmer). This is "Captured" that I'm wearing here. It's so so pretty and quite unique. Actually, it reminds me of Zoya "Adina" (which I adore) turned into an eyeshadow, minus the copper effect. 
I completed "Captured" with a tiny bit of MAC "Steamy" (aqua green with gold shimmer) on inner corner, MAC "Carbon" and MAC "Shock-a-holic" (bright matte purple) on external corner and of course, black khol, MAC "Blanc Type" to highlight and mascara. And elf Bedazzle lipgloss (totally transparent with a little bit of sparkling diamond shimmer). I really loved this make up. The green shimmer is really playing with the ambient lights. I darkened my hair! I'm naturally ash-toned medium/dark brown with strong red highlights (no one in my family get red hair tendency - no idea where it's coming from) but I wanted a little change and was bored of my tips being redder/lighter than my roots. I hesitated between dark brown and getting blonde-red with blonde highlights (both blonde and dark fit me) but I finally opted for an almost black brown (GarnierHerbabrillance #300 applied 15mn instead of 10). Actually, the dye practically didn't change the root color and evened out the whole hair. Exactly what I expected!

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