It’s Been Awhile - part 2

I’ve increased my walking as well (finally) and am really noticing less pain in my hips. If I could only get it stretched out to where it needs to be, then maybe one day I can ride a horse. Have I ever mentioned my goal is to get back on a horse? Since we now live out in the country it would be so easy to get a couple and get back into riding. But I know my back/hip will not tolerate longer than maybe 20 minutes sitting on the back of a horse. We had a big BBQ in July, and had invited many friends from around the neighborhood (as well as family) and one of our friends rode his horse (and led another) to our place. Nothing like seeing someone riding onto your property on a horse. Anyway… I was going to get up on the horse, as that is why he brought them over, and there were 30 people watching me. I didn’t have the strength to lift myself up into the stirrup and had I gotten up there, I am unsure I could have swung my leg up and over to sit in the saddle. It was a bit embarrassing. But we talked afterwards and we are going to get me over to their place, where there won’t be 30 people watching me, use a step ladder, and get me on that horse. Then I can ride around their place and see how I do.

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