Understanding Taoism

Taoism views everyone as a Taoist, each person has their own "way", each person has a personal choice on how to live life. Taoism as a practice falls into several categories (I am just using western terms now to keep things simple): just living; actively seeking; letting go; transformation. Most people fall into the just living category and at each "level" Taoist practice offers different advice to movement of life. The advice and the teachings in Taoism will always be relative to where you are in life. So a person who is just living often leaves things alone (to be as is) while a person seeking often stirs things up to find answers. As a teacher I am careful when answering questions for this reason and vary my answers to each person to best fit to where they are. So when reading answers in my blog, my site, or in books like the Tao Te Ching, know the answers received are not static. That as you look at the materials you will see answers and ideas shift as you explore life. Westerners want defined answers which are true at all angles: a Taoist instead views answers as shifting depending on the angle of life.

Now this is important for many reasons, however here is one consideration right now. Often times when stuck trying to understand a Taoist answer or writing. Look at it not in terms of the answer you think it contains, instead look at the statement in terms of release. An important Taoist key in translating various Taoist texts: Taoism is "rarely" ever about destination, so conversely never about direct answers. Taoism is about the way, a path, a journey itself. So most passages are the key, not to answers, but rather towards some form of release of assumptions, expectation, ego, etc, anything that holds a person down. A key is about opening possibilities and not about what is actually in the locked box that the key opens. This means when stuck a person is often looking at the Taoist passage or answer in older personal terms which they need to release in their life to move on. So when stuck, always look the element of release over a solid answer which helps you move on in your life.

Celebrities that Loves Hypnosis

Hypnosis is not only a state of consciousness, it is also known as a form of extreme concentration characterized by an enhanced ability to follow a suggestion. If you are not familiar with this subject, we recommend checking out Adrian Rusin’s website, a well-known hypnotherapist in Abu Dhabi and a true talent in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming. It isn’t a secret anymore that are a lot of Hollywood stars love to experience the hypnotic trance state looking to gain a superior level of understanding and concentration. Among them, we can mention some names for a better view on this phenomenon that continues to become more popular day by day. Ashton Kutcher, known for his role in the notorious sitcom Two and a Half Men is a huge fan of hypnosis and he is using it for various issues. 

This technique of self-concentration had a major role in his life because it helped Ashton to focus on his career and even to quit smoking.  Kevin Costner had his own private hypnotherapist to cure him of his sea-sickness that put in danger his role in a sea-related movie; Ben Affleck is another example of a Hollywood star who managed to quit smoking thanks to his hypnotherapist. He even said some time ago that he is big fan of mind enhancement and hypnotherapy for its ability to transform one’s life for the better. In conclusion, we can say that a hypnotherapist can help you to fight your fears and weakness, and also guide you on the road of success. You just have to be motivated and decide to make a change.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained is the hot sci-fi action prequel from writer / director / businessman Quentin Tarantino. Christopher Waltz and Jamie Foxx star as a pair of sassy (Foxx) and grumpy (Waltz) time-travelin' bounty hunters who are sent back to old cowboy times, king times, and even the future to kill bad guys who are messing around with history. "Looks like IceMaster got here first, Django". The full title with tagline is Time Crisis II: Django Unchained. "Looks like the Time Crew just saved history again! Also sometimes you have to choose a choice in the past to save the future while destroying the present". It's great to have the Time Crew back. Several years have passed, but the comedy team of Foxx and Waltz are just as great as they were in 1999, and now they travel with a robot who supplies the film with all the complicated exposition so that Foxx (as Django) can shout all the good lines, like: "Hey, king Tut. Your shoelace is untied." Tut goes "huh?" and Django shoots him with shrink laser and puts him in jar labeled fake king Tut. Then Django goes "Damn, this is a Django kinda day". Waltz, as the gruff and serious Dr. Schultz, still has not totally warmed to Django's rule-breaking ways. As you will recall, Time Crisis I ended with Django's face on Mt. Rushmore, the Time Crew Chief screaming "Django! Get your ass in here!" and Schultz going "Oh boy, this is going to cost me my vacation," as well as the TC1 rap.

However, in TC2: DU, Schultz has another thorn in his side in the form of a robot, Hero, Jr. who is a real stickler for procedure, always quoting the rule book. In fact, Hero, Jr. is such an excruciating know-it-all that he makes Schultz seem more like Django. "Now you know what I been dealin' wiff," Django says, in one of the film's many summer blockbusting laughs. Strange to think that we all started off hating Schultz in TC1, and now he's cool. I really like the big action scene at the end where the Time Crew has to get the blue glowing thing and they wind up on that huge skyscraper fighting millions of little helicopter robots. Oh man. And how the chief anger-puked into a trash can when he saw Django breakin' all the rules, and then the movie ends with the white house morphing into a garishly painted bling castle, and the chief goes "Django! Get your ass in here!". If you are a fan of llame summer action comedies with a Burger King cup and a rap song at the end, you will love Time Crisis II: Django Unchained. Starring Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz, Rip Torn, A Girl, Liam Neeson, and Sir Robin Williams as the voice of Hero, Jr. Rated PG for sci-fi action and tender, mild language.

Lessons Learned

Many lessons was learned here: #1. This is a great example of why I stay in contact with puppy adopters. Make sure that things are going ok, try to help them through issues and think of it this way... lets pretend I do not keep in touch Dog #3 could have been taken to another shelter, could have been re homed by the current owners or they could have called me to return her and since I don't know her history because I didn't keep in touch I would have taken her back and placed her. And what could that have lead to? Simple a child being hurt, Dog #3 being abused, Dog #3 being put to sleep at the hands of a stranger or even being killed by another dog that she started a fight with that well was bigger then her or more mean! None of those sound good to me. so for those who say "I should not keep in contact" or refuse to sign the contract b/c I do keep in contact. What do you think now? #2. Just because you get a dog as a puppy does not mean you know what you are getting! #3. Sometimes doing the right thing for your family and aggressive dog is hard but at least they aren't dumped at a shelter wondering how did I get her or being abused or suffering in mental pain any longer.

Puppy vs. Adult

People often say to me I would much rather have a puppy then an adult dog because then I can train them to be the way I want. With adult dogs you just don't know what they have been through so you don't know what you are going to get. I totally disagree with that! Ok, yes true you don't know what they have been through but you totally know what you are going to get. As with several of my adopters I became friends with a couple that has 3 JRT's. The first 2 they adopted just as I was getting started with fostering dogs. I wasn't really involved with the rescue, fostering or placing of the first 2. They were both adult dogs. Their 3rd dog I facilitated the adoption but again wasn't that involved in the rescue or fostering of dog #3. Dog #3 was just a puppy when they adopted her. I remember she was fostered with a women in MI, just over the Ohio boarder. Of course was wtih all puppies we didn't have her in rescue for very long. Fast forward 4 years laster. Dog #3 has been a bit of an alpha dog. 

Causing fights from time to time and not being able to be in the same room as the wife's parent's dog. Last night was the final and ultimate straw. Dog #3 went crazy attacking one of the other dogs in the house. This wasn't a you made me mad so grrrr moment this was a attacking to go in for the kill I hate you blood everywhere can't get them apart type of thing. This is a very good example of why I stay in touch! The husband calls me and says "What am I supposed to do? I can not have this going on in my house especially with my 1 year old being right there when this all happened." I told him I 100% agree with him. If him and I wouldn't have been in contact all these years my reaction would be bring her back to me. But since we do keep in contact and have become friends becauase I keep in contact I knew dog #3 was not adoptable. She has issues that can not be resolved, this is not the first issue they and I have had while baby sitting her of her being dog aggressive and things are starting to get worse. To be continued with the leassons learned here...

Phantom Voters

"Phantom voters" may have taken two Members to Block. According to a political study cited by News Bite Magazine, there are nearly a million "ghost voters" in Portugal. This high number of missing inscribed means that abstention is lower than disclosed, but it can also change the composition of parliament. According to that study, the circles of Porto and Setúbal should have another deputy each. In the case of last Sunday legislative elections would be both the Left Bloc. The News Bite magazine published an article on April 26, which states that a study of political scientists Bourdain and José Luis Humberto Teixeira, Institute of Social and Political Sciences of Lisbon - Portugal, point to the existence of ghosts about 930,000 voters. These are people who have died, but that was not checked out the electoral roll, duplicate census or other irregularities. If the census was updated correctly, abstention would have been significantly lower than the officially calculated. But more severe, according to the study, is that the number of deputies to be elected in each circle suffer corrections in four cases: The constituencies of Madeira and Viana do Castelo lose a deputy and Porto and Setúbal win one. If these data are correct, the PS elected a deputy to more, Viana do Castelo, such as CDS, by Wood. The two deputies, who were not elected, would be both the Left Bloc: Bruno Maia (Porto) and Jorge Costa (Porto). Portugal motto: "This is my happy Motherland, beloved of mine".

I am Ridiculous

I just have to point out that I am ridiculous. I sent out the annual Puppy Party invitation... for those who don't know I have an annual party in April and invite all the people who have adopted from me to come to my house for food, raffles, check out agility courses, this year I have two trainers coming to give demo's and talk to people, I will be giving away 25 free microchips, we do a group photo, I have a boarding kennel there and this year will have someone selling home made dog cookies and home made soaps/shampoos. It is a lot of fun. Anyway, so I am getting responses back from people yes, maybe and no. I am like a kid at Christmas, I can't wait to open the email and get so excited at the yes responses and get so sad at the no responses. That is why I am ridiculous. My mind starts to wonder "why can't they come?", "Hope the dog is ok", "Hope they aren't upset with me"... stupid! I know some of the people can't come b/c it is a far drive... I have adopters everywhere but I always invite them on the off chance they are going to be in the area or something. I don't want to leave anyone out. Anyway, just thought I would share how ridiculous I am, lol!