North from Calcutta

A time bomb is ticking. It has been so for centuries, but the ticking has suddenly grown louder. Tension in Kashmir is about to explode in yet one more, perhaps final, international episode. Tarek Durrani has always been driven toward what he considers to be the greater good. He has met unsought challenges with determination, and successfully balanced his humanity with the brutality of his life. From his early days as an anti-soviet mujahedeen in Afghanistan, to his current position as an officer of Pakistani intelligence... 

Durrani has sought only to do that which his conscience can reconcile. Durrani is a loyal man. His intelligence gathering mission for the Pakistani government seems, at first, to be inconsequential. But he begins to suspect that it is part of a larger, more sinister plot to upset the fragile balance of two vehemently opposed two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan. He suspects that he may have become involved in an attempt to precipitate war over the long-contested control of Kashmir.

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