Lacey Wolfe

Silence filled the room. She didn't know whether to believe him or not. His explanation sounded logical, and she would hate to think fate worked this out. Fate was what she first thought brought him into her life to begin with. He seemed so perfect for her. When they made love, it was so hot it almost seemed like sparks were flying off their bodies. At least at the time she considered it making love. Now she knew it was just sex to him, nothing more. Come here. He motioned to her. She snickered. I don't think so. Please, I just want to feel you again. Ain't happening, buddy. You had your chance. She knew all she had to do was resist him; that was the hardest part. He reached out, grabbed her arm, and pulled her to him. Yanking away from him, she took a step backward. Come on, Sky, I know you still have feelings for me. 

Oh, I definitely have feelings for you, just not the ones you're hoping for. He chuckled. You know, there's a thin line between love and hate. That line is pretty thick for me. I'm not so sure, at least she hoped. He stood, closing in on her as he stepped toward her, she found herself once again flat against the wall. Shit, how does this keep happening? His mouth was too close for comfort. Her eyes drifted to it for just a second. This is not a good idea, she whispered. Desire stirred in her. I want to have you. I need to have you. You're all I have wanted. Placing her hands on his toned chest, she pushed him back. You're not doing this to me again, got it? I will win you back, he said. Fool me once by Lacey Wolfe. 

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