It’s Been Awhile - part 1

I’ve been a slacker blogger lately. Downright missing in action kind of blogger. What can I say, I’ve been busy. You know... work, life, gardening, diets, camping holidays… that kind of thing. I started this year with a bang, fizzled for awhile there, then started back head first into the game in July. I’m slowly making permanent changes in my life that are slowly affecting my weight and my over-all well being. These small changes are affecting different areas of my body. For one, by removing grains, dairy and for the most part other complex carbs, I have reduced the inflammation in my body and am experiencing a lot less pain in my hip/back. And my sinuses have cleared up too. Sleep has improved as well. And because of those improvements, I can certainly tell when I go off the wagon. Which is very easy to do during the summer camping months. The story will be continued in the next few days.

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