Puppy vs. Adult

People often say to me I would much rather have a puppy then an adult dog because then I can train them to be the way I want. With adult dogs you just don't know what they have been through so you don't know what you are going to get. I totally disagree with that! Ok, yes true you don't know what they have been through but you totally know what you are going to get. As with several of my adopters I became friends with a couple that has 3 JRT's. The first 2 they adopted just as I was getting started with fostering dogs. I wasn't really involved with the rescue, fostering or placing of the first 2. They were both adult dogs. Their 3rd dog I facilitated the adoption but again wasn't that involved in the rescue or fostering of dog #3. Dog #3 was just a puppy when they adopted her. I remember she was fostered with a women in MI, just over the Ohio boarder. Of course was wtih all puppies we didn't have her in rescue for very long. Fast forward 4 years laster. Dog #3 has been a bit of an alpha dog. 

Causing fights from time to time and not being able to be in the same room as the wife's parent's dog. Last night was the final and ultimate straw. Dog #3 went crazy attacking one of the other dogs in the house. This wasn't a you made me mad so grrrr moment this was a attacking to go in for the kill I hate you blood everywhere can't get them apart type of thing. This is a very good example of why I stay in touch! The husband calls me and says "What am I supposed to do? I can not have this going on in my house especially with my 1 year old being right there when this all happened." I told him I 100% agree with him. If him and I wouldn't have been in contact all these years my reaction would be bring her back to me. But since we do keep in contact and have become friends becauase I keep in contact I knew dog #3 was not adoptable. She has issues that can not be resolved, this is not the first issue they and I have had while baby sitting her of her being dog aggressive and things are starting to get worse. To be continued with the leassons learned here...


  1. We adopted my black lab out of a terrible situation where she was starved, covered with ticks, and run over by a dirt bike. You could not find a sweeter dog anywhere. We adopted a boxador puppy in October, and he's a good egg, too (much better since being neutered). We also have a purebred golden retriever who is mentally ill, on valium, and untrustworthy around children. Definitely worthy of conversation

  2. I've got a puppy. I'd prefer a human baby right now!